College Resources



Whether you are getting ready to graduate from high school or just starting to think about your future, it is never too early to start making plans for college! Below are some online resources that can help you with your decision:

College Board - A good place to start. You can find information on taking your SATs and start researching colleges.

College Navigator - The U.S. Department of Education's college search website. You can browse colleges by state, zip code, degree level, tuition, and more!

CollegeView - Information on Colleges and Financial Aid

College Scorecards - US Department of Education's Affordability and Transparency Website

Student Financial Aid Information - Department of Education's Student Financial Aid Website.

FAFSA - Use this website to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

State of New Jersey Grants & Financial Aid Information - Check out grants and scholarships available to New Jersey residents.

eLearners - Information for students considering going to college online